Look Out for Bargain Brake Jobs! Source: CARQUEST Brakes

Some automotive repair facilities advertise bargain brake jobs in an effort to lure customers into their place of business. Sometimes, quality, professional grade products are sacrificed to perform these brake jobs, directly affecting vehicle safety.

Many customers become disappointed when it turns out that the actual cost of the parts and labor actually add up to a higher price tag then originally advertised. There can be two factors:

BAD: Misdiagnosis.Misdiagnosis can possibly lead to purchasing parts that may not be needed. Be certain to have your vehicle serviced by a recognized professional installation repair facility.

GOOD: Professional grade products, which meet or exceed original equipment performance, were installed.quality and safety come at a cost.

There is a difference in quality among brake parts. Brake parts that are installed on your automobile when you have your brakes repaired are not the same parts that were on your automobile when it came from the dealer. The original parts that are on the auto when it is bought are called original equipment. When your brakes are repaired, the majority of the time, replacement brake parts are used.

Did you know that there are no Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for replacement brake parts? Brake Parts Inc., supplier of CARQUEST® brand brakes, knows and has taken steps to ensure that its brake parts meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Original Equipment.

If you have your brake system inspected annually and have your repairs performed by a professional technician using top quality CARQUEST® brand brake parts, your brakes will have a longer life, and future repair costs can be held to a minimum.

An old saying should be kept in mind when getting brake repairs.

"You Get What You Pay For."



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