Here at Quincy Tow & Repair we offer many excellent services to keep your cars, trucks and boats running great!

We work on almost all makes & models both Foreign & Domestic
Lube Oil Changes
Motor Vac
Replace transmissions
Engine Exchanges
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We are well trained in boat repair.


TECH-NET Professional Auto Service


Tech-Net Professional Auto Service
Is What You've Always Wished Auto Repair Would Be

Every vehicle manufactured today is 100% computer controlled. And some vehicles have more than 25 on-board computers. Sometimes your problem may even be in one of those controlling computers. the fastest, most efficient way to troubleshoot a problem is with a database of experience covering more than 600,000 records going back to 1964. and that can only mean TECH-NET Professional Auto Service.





MOTORVAC   CarbonClean System

  • What Will a MotorVac CarbonClean Service Do For Your Vehicle

  • Repair Driveablility Problems
    Eliminate hesitations, hard starts, rough idling or lack of power

  • Reduce Harmful Emissions
    Lower Smoke Opacity

  • Extend Fuel System Component Life

  • Improve Fuel Economy
    Increase Gas Mileage

  • Restore "New Car" Performance